Abingdon Distillery

Gold Medals at IWSC 2021 & Gin Masters 2021

Abingdon Distillery started out as an idea in Hong Kong some years ago whilst working abroad. The lack of quality & limited selection of gins out there in that part of the world fuelled a bit of an experimental phase where we began dabbling in distilling with the aim of producing a worthy gin we could sip & enjoy.

It wasn’t until 2018 that we decided to setup shop in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and start to fine tune the recipe that would become our signature London Dry gin. It took us a fair few goes to get it spot on, with over 50 batches trialled, and we are super proud of it!

At our distillery we set the benchmark extremely high for all of our spirits. Quality and consistency is paramount to our ethos. That’s why from start to finish we do everything in house so we can keep a close eye on our production levels. From every drop that comes out of our still, to the labels and handwritten batch numbers on our bottles, we do it all.

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