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Environmental Approach

Thame Food Festival are trying to play our part in tackling the growing environmental crisis caused by unwanted plastics. The Festival is, and has always been, committed to responsible food sourcing, reducing food miles and maintaining welfare standards. We strive  to increase our sustainability and continue the journey to becoming a small part of the solution and not a bigger part of the problem.

This year we are continuing the reduction in single use plastics and moving towards 100% use of compostable cutlery, cups, plates and packaging. This will allow us to dispose of the inevitable food waste together with what we eat it with and from, in a greener way!


We will also be encouraging everyone to:

  • Separate your rubbish and recycling where possible
  • Bring your own drinks bottle and using OUR FREE water refill stations
  • Pack plenty of reusable ‘bags for life’ to take home all your shopping

Please help us to achieve a positive change in the fight against plastic and more importantly we always welcome feedback on what we are doing and how it affects you, as well as any new ideas.

To help us we will be working with Grist Environmental who will be collecting and recycling the waste generated at the Festival. They pride themselves on achieving a ‘zero waste to landfill’ – find out more in their Recycling Policy 2020 GEES and Thame Food Festival.