Pop Up Pub

Our Pop Up Pub brought to you by FestivAles will be packed to the rafters with tickle-liciously tasty tiples. We have a fantastic range of proper local award-winning brews, see here for details> Beer! We salute you!

If cider is more your thing, we have the delicious Peto Press on tap, straight from Iford Estate in Bradford-on-Avon. Here they use their ancient orchards to create elegant ciders. We will also feature a range of lip smacking traditional ciders from Lilley’s in Somerset.

If wine is more your taste, why not try our Sulis Cinsult Rosé which is a dream with fish and Mediterranean vegetable dishes, or perhaps a spicy Malbec born to go with steaks, pasta and paella dishes. Check out our full range of wines at the bar.

This year we are bringing our artisan gins into the main pop up pub. We will still have an array of delicious and decadent gins and gin cocktail for you to try all packed with blooming botanicals.

Festivales is committed to providing a sustainable platform for its event bars. To reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use, we have made the bold step of not be selling bottled water over our bars.

Instead, we encourage our customers to bring their own vessels and fill up freely at our water container points on our bars. These are filled with mains water, ice and delicious fresh citruses and fruits. Its cheaper, better for the environment and just as healthy to drink from the tap. There are also plenty of water points across the festival signposted for you to fill up at.
In addition to this we will continue our reusable cup scheme this year at the festival. You pay a deposit on the cup and can reuse it as many times as you like, once you are finished you can return it to us and we will refund you for the cup.

Ran out of cash?

Don’t worry, both our bars accept debit cards.

See you at the bar!