Truly Scumptious, a Festival Friends Podcast

Lotte and Jon talk Food Festivals, Festival Food, Foodie Friends and Friends of the Festival

Truly Scrumptious, a Festival Friends Podcast

Lotte and Jon talk Food Festivals, Festival Food, Foodie Friends and Friends of the Festival.

Plenty of chat, behind the scenes gossip, the occasional crisis, how to avoid one – how to deal with one if it can’t be avoided.

How the festival’s are planned, how they are executed, the build up and break down.

All the time sharing their expertise and experiences with celeb chefs, bakers, street and artisan food stall holders, stage hosts, contractors and visitors.

And getting the answer to biggest question of all …..
What is your fifty shades of food?

Something messy and delicious that you want to eat on your own with the curtains closed!

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